Hello World

This is the first post in this fancy new blog! 👋

What better time to start a new blog, than at the start of a new year and a new decade?

Here's a new blog related to things I do: game development and design, programming, maybe some gamedev inside baseball. The ups and downs of working in an aesthetic medium that is primarily expressed as code and machinery. The joys of building machines for playing with.

The reasons for doing this are multiple: a place to experiment with some ill-formed ideas, to jot down some quick concepts for future postings, or to pour out some quick reactions while they're still hot.

But most importantly, someplace where I can do that with full control over the text, without getting paywalled, monetized, or managed by algorithms, at least not any more than any other random site on the web. And none of these should be a concern to someone who just wants to put down a few thoughts in a blog, and post them on the web, but here we are. 😎

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 - Contact: @rzubek